As apps and social media have borrowed the medium so many artists have been using to produce their work professionally, contemporary artist Michael Penn has turned to another creative outlet.

Michael’s works on canvas have ranged from the abstract to neo-expressionism. His new watercolor series borders on the latter, a continuing story of dark humor and commentary on our changing world, technology, ideology, and politics.

The first 39 paintings are compiled in a new self-published publication titled, Thank God It’s Over My Dear: Watercolors: From The City To The Suburbs” available through Amazon.com. ($17.99)

The irony of Amazon acting as sole entity carrying the 84 page colored paperback is not lost on Penn who’s embroiled in a battle with Amazon’s third-party sellers.

For most of 2018, Penn has been monitoring and reporting merchants that have been selling his copyrighted images printed on merchandise without his permission.

The continued run-around and reporting requirements for each violation has forced Penn’s associates to start a petition on Change.com. As of today, there are over 5000 signatures from artists and supporters.

The first 39 paintings from “Thank God It’s Over My Dear” are viewable in the video below.


Contact Michael Penn or Natasha Hulme for more information regarding exhibition and sales.