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The photos in Manifesto are of a gritty nature that I’ve projected in my photography for over a decade now.
The prints only come in the one size of 9” x 13.5”,
are signed and titled on the back,
are matted 16” x 20”,
include a certificate of authenticity,
and a record of provenance will be kept to assure ownership.

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In the art world, photography is, almost always, understood as multiples. Rarely does a photographer produce only a single print of a straight photographic image.

The idea of a body of work consisting of only a single print has intrigued me for awhile. The idea of treating the photographic print like a painting has excited me into creating “Manifesto”. A portfolio of 40 photos where only one print is ever made. No test prints, no artist proofs, only the single print that’s accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.