Timeless Americana.


    Bob’s Diner, an original classic diner, has been a mainstay in Philadelphia’s Roxborough neighborhood for over 70 years and is now one in a handful of true diners left in “Philly.”


    You can easily forget what decade it is when sitting at the counter enjoying a filling breakfast and a bottomless cup of coffee. The surfaces are worn from age and usage but the atmosphere is one of comfort where the staff who are mostly over the age of 60 quickly learn your name and what you eat. Treating regulars like family; welcoming you home for a great meal. A rarety in today's anti-social world.


    The stories you overhear are just as special. Stop me if you heard the one about the cook who loves the diner so much that he buys it and marries the head waitress. She’s still there with him cooking after 45 years. Did you know there was a boxing gym in the basement? Listening can be just as special as watching.


    In 2018 I began taking photos in Bob’s but after a few photos I realized I was going about it all wrong.


    I put aside my Fuji camera and began using my 4 megapixel Canon G2 camera from the year 2001. This compact digicam is perfect for the snapshot aesthetic I was looking for with its bold colors and sometimes vulgar flash. After finding the right tool for this job I began snapping away at the staff, the customers, food and anything else I found interesting.


    Shortly after the pandemic hit and everything shut down for a while which only made my resolve stronger to photograph this gem of a diner. As of the end of 2022 I’ve taken over 150 photos worthy of what I’m trying to accomplish and there's no end in sight.




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Email: MichaelPennPhotography@gmail.com


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