Photograph of man walking in the rain with his umbrella
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Michael Penn
Photograph of two women riding on the subway

Artists that paint really have no choice. Their works are not usually mass produced. Their works on canvas comes from the brush in the hand of the artist, hitting the media. This is not a new concept or idea, but it was front and center as I was on top of my bathroom that doubles as a workspace in my Old City loft, painting a canvas that will start a new series.

Up until this point, my photographs were sold in editions of 50. My best seller to date is titled City View, a striking capture off The Ben Franklin Bridge, portraying storm clouds brewing above an incomplete Philadelphia skyline. This was long before the craze of the app Instagram, I’d like to add.


The photos in Manifesto, as stated on my website, are of a gritty nature that I’ve projected in my photography for over a decade now and only come in the one size of 9” x 13.5”. Each print are signed and titled on the back and are matted 16” x 20”.

Most importantly, since there is only one print in existence, I’m including in the $500 price for each of the 40 photos in this collection, a certificate of authenticity, and will be logged in a record of provenance to assure ownership.

To assure ownership, a certificate of authenticity will be signed, dated, and included with your matted print. In addition, your purchase will be logged in Penn's maticulously kept records, that his collectors have come to trust and appreciate.
11 PAINTINGS: Through My Mind, Darkly

When Winter hits Philadelphia- it’s as if the sidewalks are pulled in. Sure, I can shoot some terrific post apocalyptic scenes or low contrast still life, but you know that really isn’t me. I have taken some iconic shots that have no sign of the living, but they happened organically. Sub-zero temperatures tend to zap the life out of the organic in Philadelphia. Completely.

It is for this reason, I usually prepare for this season, with a full supply of canvas, paint, and brushes. The ideas of what to paint? Well those aren’t so easy to find.

This year I took a chance and explored the dark side of my mind. Natasha was please to have reassurance that my dark side has a sense of humor, and to be honest, so was I.

The first completed painting in the series is “ROWHOME”. I’m still fortunate enough to live in Old City known as “The Most Historic Square Mile in The USA” where these types of houses sit right off the sidewalk. The image of the beautifully cared for homes is burned into my mind but so is the memory of many that were still unrenovated, gutted shells when I first arrived in the city in the late 80s.

There are 11 paintings so far and a video has been uploaded for viewing. For pricing, private showing, or representation, please contact me directly through my email:

I'm considering using these images for a set of greeting cards and wearable attire and would love to hear your thoughts on this possibility.

Photo of Lonely New York Zine
A glossy style black and white 60 page, saddle stitched “zine”
containing 39 photos by Michael Penn taken in New York City at night.
Book measures 7″ x 10″ 
$20 includes Domestic shipping in the US.
Self-published by the artist and printed in Philadelphia.
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